Spring Foraging Class

Event Date: 05/20/2017

Event Time: 2pm

Event Description

"Homesteading: a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, characterized by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of foodstuffs, and the small-scale production of textiles, clothing, and crafts for household use or sale." Join us for this brand-new series, as we teach you to use your hands and your smarts to conquer old-time skills. Price: $65 per person (per class) (If you are purchasing more than one seat, please type the full name of your guest/s into the "notes" field, so we can add them to the roster.) Spring Forage - May 20th, 2pm Fall Forage - September 16th, 2pm Join us on a walk deep into Cherry Grove Farm to find wild edibles as they 'fall' to the ground. Be sure to bring your walking shoes and your favorite beverage! After your adventure trek, we'll demonstrate surprising ways to utilize the bounty of the farm, and you'll taste farm fresh in a whole new way. You'll go home with recipes and class materials, and the know-how to dig up your own dinner!

Cherry Grove Farm

3200 Lawrenceville Rd

Lawrenceville, New Jersey 08648